Muddy Water Alternatives

When the Southern Alberta waters are muddy, there are some amazing Alternatives

Now I love the Southern Alberta Rocky Mountains as much as anyone, my earliest childhood memories are of the The Crowsnest Pass and The Oldman headwaters. In fact my family has been camping and fishing in the Dutch creek area for  approx 50yrs. The gin clear waters, ideal scenery , abundant wildlife. As a young man I used to believe that the Livingston valley was always green, year round!   When I started to get into Fly fishing seriously I began to discover that the mountains are not always green and that the waters at times are less then ideal for Cutthroat on the fly, or for any of our other native and non-native species. When we explore our wild country, we discover and learn more about our environments and by extension our seasons. Now spring runoff is not a new phenomenon by any means, this annual event is very...

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Fishing with Tammy

Fishing with Tammy

I have an immense passion for the art of angling. Fly fishing is my preferred discipline, but I keep my mind open to all of the possibilities. I also extended this thought pattern to those I would like to fish with. Sitting around the lunch room and listening to some of my fellow workmates talk, you might believe that fishing is the domain of men only. That only men have what it takes, or that fishing is their chance to get away from the misses for a while. A few fellas might let the girlfriend tag along believing they don’t really have an interest in angling or it’s a way to get them of your back to allow you more time on the water. And there is a group that is actually worried that their lady might out fish them! Well my wife has been my fishing partner for...

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Industry and Conservation

Industry and Conservation.

All to often as a guide I find myself at times at odds in the world of fly fishing. I completely understand the importance of quality gear, great demeanor, and idealistic locals.   And ultimately we need to get fish in the boat to ensure that we can make clients happy and get a healthy review on our website. This is all good for business! But there are some activities that don’t directly profit our businesses but have long term ramifications on not only our industry but our homes and our water. This last May long weekend, one of the most beautiful on record, a small band of volunteers gave up their weekend in order to give something back to the resource that means so much to me for many reasons..not just my livelihood. If you are fortunate enough to be a fishing guide please remember where your bread...

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Years in the making

Years in the Making!

So my bet fishing partner, my Wife, is an avid fly angler like myself. However , when it came to a certain species she was totally resistant. I do have to do some talking to convince hard core trout snobs that there are a lot more options than just salmanoid species. I would encourage anyone to give Northern pike on the fly a try, you’ll never look back. and after tonight I don’t think my fishing partner will either!!...

Humble Beginnings

Whew!! I have stepped away from the net the last two weeks…but with good cause. Trying to grow a business in Alberta is not the easiest of endeavors when times are good. In fact in the last couple of years in Alberta people might think you’re crazy for even trying any new endeavor in our difficult economic times. But when times are tough you don’t throw away your dreams and hopes, you might put them on the back burner, or in my case you just peruse them at a different pace. In order to keep my young entrepreneurial addictions drifting forward I’ve had to live within my, and my families means, and get creative with the limited funds that a fledgling business offers. So!! to the point! I have been looking for a drift boat for some weeks now and finally came across one that fit inside my meager...

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Stillwater Package

Spring is almost upon us!! Although most of us long for our amazing East-slope mountain waters, it will still be some time before those waters open. Southern Alberta offers some amazing still-water opportunities. I have found amazing success with all of the flies in this package. Contact through this website or on Facebook. You can also just shoot me a text at 403 360 1466 See you on the water!  ...