spending time with bully trout

Spending Time

Spending time with the animals that co-habitat our world. When we as anglers have dreams of the big fish we want to catch, and we are fortunate enough to actually realize those dreams I believe it can extinguish a fire inside of us. We have an intense adrenaline high and the following crash. Reflection of the moment. Did that just really happen? As a guide in Southern Alberta I have found new and invigorated passion for the sport I love and cherish by sharing it with others. I truly get a kick out of helping others find out what an amazing place Alberta is! Having said that, I still hold some of my angling dreams near and dear to my heart. And I peruse them relentlessly when time allows between Family, Guiding and my real job. My favorite of the local species is the Bull Trout! In Southern Alberta...

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