fly fishing guide

You can Fish!! But do you think you can guide?

But do you think you could guide? In the summer of 2016 I asked myself, "could I be a fly fishing guide?"  I, like many of my fellow students, had been fly fishing for a good portion of my life and the thought of guiding had crossed my mind. I mean how hard could it really be? I know fly fishing. So putting some other shmoe on the edge of a river and hooking them up should be a natural extension. Right? Right! Well.....sort of right.  Yes the skills and knowledge of how to angle in my local waters are very important, but I quickly realized that fishing wasn't the only aspect that I would have to focus on.  This was a fact I was about to learn. Fishing was actually only but a smaller portion of guiding then I had anticipated. When we are forced to look at...

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