Thank you to all of my customers! You have made our first year great!

I think we’ll let the fish do the talking! Excellent casting! Personal Best! We gotta start somewhere! Big Bulls!! Just Passing through! Iceland!! New Rod!! First Drift Trip!! On His own Flies Big Surprise! Her first Fish On a Fly rod! Best Cutty! Incredible waters! Personal Best! First Year!! Dreams!! Brownies!! What a country! Biggest River Trout! Bullies in strange places!...

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fly fishing guide

You can Fish!! But do you think you can guide?

But do you think you could guide? In the summer of 2016 I asked myself, "could I be a fly fishing guide?"  I, like many of my fellow students, had been fly fishing for a good portion of my life and the thought of guiding had crossed my mind. I mean how hard could it really be? I know fly fishing. So putting some other shmoe on the edge of a river and hooking them up should be a natural extension. Right? Right! Well.....sort of right.  Yes the skills and knowledge of how to angle in my local waters are very important, but I quickly realized that fishing wasn't the only aspect that I would have to focus on.  This was a fact I was about to learn. Fishing was actually only but a smaller portion of guiding then I had anticipated. When we are forced to look at...

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When Fly People Dream

When Fly People Dream!

I've been in the game for a few years now.  In my native Canada I have caught a good portion of the amazing fresh water spices that Alberta has to offer and I am grateful for the opportunities that my province offers! However when a small town Alberta boy that is addicted to documentary TV  discovers that there is a whole huge wide world outside of a provincial life  he begins to not only to dream about those places but desires to find a way to make those experiences happen! Zihunanjo/ Ixtapa might not be on your radar as far as exotic destinations go and certainly not a destination for saltwater fly fishing. You might believe it to be more touristy place.  Or from a fishing perspective more of a deep sea style of fishing community.  Welllllll!!?? Let's talk about Ed Knunze and the very experienced and courteous captains...

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Guiding Season - My Fly Guy

Heck of a Guiding Season So Far!!

Just a quick update on Guiding Season. With all of the challenges in 2017 ; extreme drought, fires surrounding Alberta , and limited access to our amazing southern Alberta waters I have still had a pretty good season. I consider myself very fortunate to make a livelihood in the places that I love to be!  Sending love and prayers to all those effected by all the challenges that mother nature has thrown at us in the summer of 2017. Please be safe. Shane Olson  ...

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spending time with bully trout

Spending Time

Spending time with the animals that co-habitat our world. When we as anglers have dreams of the big fish we want to catch, and we are fortunate enough to actually realize those dreams I believe it can extinguish a fire inside of us. We have an intense adrenaline high and the following crash. Reflection of the moment. Did that just really happen? As a guide in Southern Alberta I have found new and invigorated passion for the sport I love and cherish by sharing it with others. I truly get a kick out of helping others find out what an amazing place Alberta is! Having said that, I still hold some of my angling dreams near and dear to my heart. And I peruse them relentlessly when time allows between Family, Guiding and my real job. My favorite of the local species is the Bull Trout! In Southern Alberta...

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