Fishing with Tammy

Fishing with Tammy

I have an immense passion for the art of angling. Fly fishing is my preferred discipline, but I keep my mind open to all of the possibilities. I also extended this thought pattern to those I would like to fish with.

My first ever Lake Sturgeon.

Sitting around the lunch room and listening to some of my fellow workmates talk, you might believe that fishing is the domain of men only. That only men have what it takes, or that fishing is their chance to get away from the misses for a while. A few fellas might let the girlfriend tag along believing they don’t really have an interest in angling or it’s a way to get them of your back to allow you more time on the water. And there is a group that is actually worried that their lady might out fish them!

Well my wife has been my fishing partner for just about as long as we have been married; probably the only person I know that likes to fish as much as I do! More often than not she’s dragging me to the water! And guess what!? I do get to spend a lot more time on the water as a result.

And because she is attentive and loves fishing, she will often out fish me!

Tammy’s first ever Lake Sturgeon

We spend more time on the water and more time together! I’m a pretty lucky man!!

I encourage men to not only bring your better half fishing, but to honestly engage in teaching them the skills that you have acquired and realize that a good partner will be with you long after your buddies have moved on.

Tight lines!

A very proud moment when Tammy landed this magnificent creature. Estimated at 6 feet and approx 100lbs. My wife certainly out fished me on this day!

Shane Olson

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