Humble Beginnings

Whew!! I have stepped away from the net the last two weeks…but with good cause.

Trying to grow a business in Alberta is not the easiest of endeavors when times are good. In fact in the last couple of years in Alberta people might think you’re crazy for even trying any new endeavor in our difficult economic times.

But when times are tough you don’t throw away your dreams and hopes, you might put them on the back burner, or in my case you just peruse them at a different pace.

In order to keep my young entrepreneurial addictions drifting forward I’ve had to live within my, and my families means, and get creative with the limited funds that a fledgling business offers.

So!! to the point!

I have been looking for a drift boat for some weeks now and finally came across one that fit inside my meager budget.


The Boat was solid, but i realized that it was going to need some work to make it solid and safe for any of my potential clients. The back seat had only two tubes to place your feet on and the front seat had no deck at all. All of the existing decks were made of old plywood, and there were no leg braces to speak of.

Fortunately I’m a metal fabricator by trade and and had the time to fix up this old gem properly.

I added full aluminum Checker plate decks and accents. Adjustable leg braces, and re-enforced everything.

A couple of new seats and an anchor system,finish off a boat that I will be proud to roll down Southern Alberta’s rivers and show our visiting Anglers the great fly fishing that we have to offer.

I love stories of individuals or companies that come from humble small beginnings, it reminds us that we can’t have it all, but if we work hard we can get what we need.

My dream is to become a full time fly fishing guide, so all of my boats will be called ” The 9 to 5″


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