Industry and Conservation.

Industry and Conservation

All to often as a guide I find myself at times at odds in the world of fly fishing. I completely understand the importance of quality gear, great demeanor, and idealistic locals.
  And ultimately we need to get fish in the boat to ensure that we can make clients happy and get a healthy review on our website. This is all good for business!
But there are some activities that don’t directly profit our businesses but have long term ramifications on not only our industry but our homes and our water.

This last May long weekend, one of the most beautiful on record, a small band of volunteers gave up their weekend in order to give something back to the resource that means so much to me for many reasons..not just my livelihood.
If you are fortunate enough to be a fishing guide please remember where your bread is buttered.  Make sure to give back to the resources that make your livelihood possible.

Shane Olson!

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  1. It’s amazing outdoor trip. We all would like to pass holiday in different outdoor place. Fishing is most exciting game so you can keep fishing part in your outdoor trip.

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