Lethbridge Fly Shop

Lethbridge and Area's Only Full Service Fly Shop

Looking for a Lethbridge Fly Shop?

Welcome to My Fly Guy, Lethbridge’s only full service Fly Shop.

We carry the rod’s, flies and all the supplies you’ll need to have your best fishing season yet. 

Lethbridge Fly Shop

The Flies 2.75$/ each or 30$/Dozen.

My Fly Guy supplies Flies with Proven Patterns tied by local tiers designed for Southern Alberta's Waters

The Rods

My Fly Guy is an Authorised TFO Dealer; and can both supply, or help you build your own custom Rod for Fly Fishing. Book your Rod building session today. 403-360-1466

The Gear

We specialize in gear that gets you in the water. Lethbridge's Full Service Fly Shop. From hand to water, we have you covered.

My Fly Guy - Lethbridge Fly Shop

Lethbridge Fly Shop

My Fly Guy is a Mom and Pop Shop Serving the Fly Fishing Enthusiast in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta.

Shane and Tammy Olson know Fly Fishing and can help you find the gear, supplies and experience you need for your next Fishing Adventure.

For an appointment Call 403 360 1512 or 403 360 1466

400-53rd Ave Coalhurst AB, Canada

Parking is in the Alley