Oldman Watershed

My Fly Guy Fishing Guide in The Oldman Watershed.

The Oldman watershed is a large land and water system that covers over 23,000km in Southwest Alberta and over 2000 km in to Montana.
Extending East from the Rocky Mountains, The Watershed’s distinct streams flow through the foothills, dry and irrigated farmland, in to the Prairie’s.

The Oldman Watershed includes among others; the Oldman River, Crowsnest River, Waterton Lake and River, Castle River, Police Outpost Lake and Bullshead Reservoir.  

The Oldman River

The Crowsnest River

The Oldman River Watershed
Crowsnest River - the Oldman Watershed

Waterton Lake

Police Outpost Lake

Waterton Lake - the Oldman Watershed
Police Lake Outpost - The Oldman Watershed

The Castle River

Bullshead Reservoir

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