Spending Time

spending time with bully trout

Spending time with the animals that co-habitat our world.

When we as anglers have dreams of the big fish we want to catch, and we are fortunate enough to actually realize those dreams I believe it can extinguish a fire inside of us. We have an intense adrenaline high and the following crash. Reflection of the moment. Did that just really happen?

As a guide in Southern Alberta I have found new and invigorated passion for the sport I love and cherish by sharing it with others. I truly get a kick out of helping others find out what an amazing place Alberta is!

Having said that, I still hold some of my angling dreams near and dear to my heart. And I peruse them relentlessly when time allows between Family, Guiding and my real job.

My favorite of the local species is the Bull Trout! In Southern Alberta we here rumors of river monsters, and on occasion even catch a glimpse of one, like the ghosts of waters and wildest imaginations.

This weekend I was fortunate enough to realize one of my Dreams! And I am extremely fortunate and privileged  to have not only seen one of these magnificent creatures but to have had a tactile engagement !

The best part of this story is that this amazing animal swam away strong and returned to shadows where it will be part of my dreams instead of haunting them!

Time being the most precious resource in our lives, I can think of few better ways of spending it then with the animals that co-habitat our world!

Tight lines !!

Shane Olson


    1. Hi Verne. As you can tell by the lack of maintenance on my site that the season has been very busy. Lots of incredible fish being caught this year.
      Look for a blog post update today.

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